Welcome to 5th Period Honors English

In a one page write, critically analyze one of the following questions:

1. "Mary Shelley in Frankenstein clearly comes down on the side of nurture in the Nature-versus-Nuture controversy." Attack or defend.
2. "Victor Frankenstein and the monster share the same personality. Like father, like son." Attack or defend.
3. What is the occurence and effect of passages about light in this "dark" novel? Search for the day, light, sunlight, sun, radiant, bright and so on and contrast these with terms related to darkness such as dark, darkness, night, black, darkened, gloom.

Due Sunday, April 29 by midnight.

This on-line socratic seminar will give each of you the opportunity to understand these questions at a deeper level from each other's perspective. I can't wait to see what you come up with!